About us

The crew was founded by few enthusiastic runners (Darko Najdovski, Ilco Trajkovski, Darko Brezovski and Antonia Brezovska) that have been running with NRC. After visiting the BTG event in Belgrade, they decided to establish an urban city running crew to travel, run, party and repeat together. More and more runners joined the squad because of the idea of togetherness.

091 is the old telephone prefix for the capital, itself by real Skopje inhabitants. Last two years, the crew members traveled to races mainly in Europe and the US and made a lot of new friendships spreading the idea of equality and no differences trough bridging the gaps.

We collected so many good memories during the races around the globe and got so inspired that we had to organised a spectacular cheering power zone during our domestic Skopje Marathon. We did so well that we were awarded by the organizer.

091RUNCrW started organizing an own urban street race followed by a birthday party every November, trying to introduce an urban crew running culture in the town.

From 12.05.2022 091RUNCrW officially is registered as аn Association for running, swimming, cycling, duathlon and triathlon 091RUNCrW Skopje in register of associations under number: 7592019.

Statute and program for 2022 you can find on following links:

Statute of association

Program for 2022

Other documents

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